Below Golgotha Crucifixion Site – The Dry Blood Of Jesus Christ Found! – IT IS ALIVE!!! 24 CHROMOSOMES!!! (1) From GOD & (23) From Mary!

Below is the Link to a Short Video of Ron Wyatt’s Discovery & Testing of The Blood he found on the Mercy Seat of The Ark of the Covenant. Beneath Golgotha, the site of Jesus Crucifixion! It’s a POWERFUL Testimony! The Ark of the Covenant held the 10 Commandments, Aaron’s Rod that budded & Manna from Israel’s Exodus Journey from out of Egypt.

Once a year the High Priest took the blood of a perfect lamb & sprinkled it on the Mercy Seat to Cover Israel’s sin for that year. Christ Jesus is/was The Perfect Lamb of God, sent to Atone for mankind’s sin, once & for all! To Save all those who put their Trust in Him – Alleluia!!!
This fits the science behind where babies get their blood. ONLY from the father! The mother’s blood Never comes into play! That is how Jesus Blood was sinless. How He was fully man & Fully God!
What more fitting place for The Blood of Jesus – The Perfect Lamb of God to be found, than on the Mercy Seat, beneath the site of Jesus’ Crucifixion.
 The Dry Blood Of Jesus Christ Has Been Found- IT IS ALIVE!!!  – 24 CHROMOSOMES!!! (1) From GOD & (23) From Mary! 
Ron Wyatt has since passed away. From other reports that I’ve seen, The Ark of The Covenant is still in the place where it was found. God is Protecting It! The secular Israeli Government, is of course Covering Up this MONUMENTAL Discovery.


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