River Pure – A Poem Inspired by & about Life in the Holy Spirit – See John 14 – Jesus Promised :-)

 Serenely slipping along, 
 In my newly embraced consciousness stream... 
 At once acutely and sublimely aware, of a 
 Newly found, perfectly sound, peace... on whose 
 Sure powerful currents now I glide, on this 
 River Pure called Love...

 Immersed, floating within this Love's Perfect Rest
 Having somehow navigated life's turbulent headwaters and    
 Traversed it's many tightropes...
 All the while striving for, yet unknowingly fighting, 
 Love's deep inexorable pull, upon my soul... 
 Then one day to finally Encounter, 
 Your stream so sweet...  
 To test, and then to rest, upon Your steady waters calm...
 Carried along........ into LOVE's Perfect River, aaah my Rest.
 I pray one day for thee, to come along with me...
 So whispers His Spirit - Listen can you hear it?

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