You CANNOT Interpret End of Days Bible Prophecy & Ignore This! The Micro KEY to All End of Days Prophecy & Israel’s re-birth on 05/14/48 is the Macro Key>>> 1948+70=2018

Check out the Blog that I was prompted to create some months ago. Therein you’ll find some of what I believe the Lord has allowed me to Glean about His End of Days Timeline. It is worth Careful Study if you have “eyes to see & ears to hear”. 
In no way am I predicting the Day or the Hour, but we are to recognize the Season & it is NOW!  For instance in the Blog you will find, what I believe I finally had an Epiphany on about the Third Temple & The Two Witnesses. Both of which will be in the Millennium & (why/how) NOT Prior to The Rapture & Tribulation. I had been Puzzling over this for some time, since No Way they could be prior, since Nibiru is here in our skies Now, and the Stage Has also been set for the Ezekiel 38 War. Coincidentally, Nibiru effects are listed in there too in Ezekiel 38:18-23. Have (2) Blog Posts on that.
It’s a Pre-Wrath Rapture and Nemesis/Nibiru will be the Trigger for the 6thSeal, which is when the Wrath of the Lamb will begin, at Revelation 6:17, during the 6th Seal Terror! From my Gleaning, the 6th Seal will be SOON Triggered by the Close Approach & Passing of the Nemesis/Nibiru System seen in our Skies NOW!
Sadly, all of our Preachers and so called Prophecy book sellers, are Ignoring The Destroyer of Ancient times, NOW in our Skies!!! I’ve contacted them all, only to be met with Deafening silence…I’m a Watchman and have been at this 6+ years now, 24/7 and few are listening…
You CANNOT Interpret End of Days Bible Prophecy & Ignore this! God (imho) has Revealed Much to me regarding the Incoming (Now Here) Nemesis/Nibiru System. It is the Micro KEY to All End of Days Prophecy as far as a Timeline goes; and of course Israel’s re-birth on 11/29/47 by UN decree, or from the latest 05/14/48, when Israel made her formal declaration as an independent state, would be the Macro Key.
Jesus said that in the Parable of the Fig Tree, which is in regards to Israel’s rebirth as a nation; that the generation which sees Israel’s rebirth, would Witness His Return (as in The Rapture). Look at my Blog Post of for a fuller exposition on this.
A Biblical generation is widely held to be 70 years… 1948 + 70 = 2018 >>> So it All Fits!
“GREAT GEOLOGIC STRESS” 🆘 EVERY 3,600 YEARS!” = NIBIRU ??? 🌠… 😬😱  1600 B.C + 2018 A.D. = 3618 Years… Things That Make You Go HMMM….. The Time Is Now VERY Short! Eternity Is F O R E V E R …….. The BEST Prep is a Spiritual One For This Passing of The Nemesis/Nibiru System – Most Likely Passed 5200 B.C.E During Noah’s Flood as “The Fountains of the Deep were Broken Up” Genesis 7:11 – The Ark of Safety This Time Is JESUS – He Is Who He Said He Is – He LOVES Us One & All – Invite Him Into Your Hearts ASAP 🙂 May GOD Have Mercy Upon Us All – Much LOVE In Christ Jesus 🙂
I post Tweets on Twitter too @robertdunn7 and on Facebook under Robert Dunn. Please contact me if you have any questions. The Time Is NOW Very Short!


  1. Hi Ozzie – Yeah, sure I’ll go on your channel. Send me a link so I can check it out. Read through the Blog posts & Open all the Links therein. No joke! God has (imho) Revealed Much to me 🙂 Praise Jesus – Alleluia!!! I’ll email you so we can correspond more completely.


  2. I recently listened to you on Late Night in the Midlands with Michael Vera completely agree with almost everything you had to say very interested in getting in contact with you learning more about your theories and stand points on everything please contact me also I’m starting a similar YouTube channel would love to have you on


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