Believers in Christ – I’m Getting Very Tired – You Too? Been at This as a Watchman Since 2011 When the Comet ELENIN Psyop Went Down.

POSTED IN January 2018 – I’ve been at this as a Watchman since way back in 2011, when the Comet ELENIN Psyop went down. That was a BIG Blow to the Credibility of Nemesis/Nibiru reporters, because everyone Knee Jerk Reacted to that Event. Score one for TPTB and all of the Cointelpros. Then we had all the Lens Flare Trolls for several years… and All the so called Truther Channels, who basically just Ignored it completely and for the most part still do. Running their Disinfo-Cointelpro Psyops like Q, MAGA, Flat Earth and the Mandela Effect, with some Bible sprinkled in to further confuse people.

BPEarthWatch put up some Interesting Shots from time to time, but never acknowledged Nemesis/Nibiru being in our Skies. Now he’s all about the “Q” Psyop. The Nemesis/Nibiru System is UNDENIABLY Here Now, but all of the Big Cointelpro / Disinfo Channels continue to Ignore the Incredible Pics and evidence.

The Big Nibiru Channels are all Cointelpro’s as well (imho). Put up to help “Manage” the Pics and Information. ESPECIALLY on how Close it Really is and How DEVASTATING It Will Be to this Planet. History bears this out. The Ancients didn’t call it “The Destroyer” for nothing!

The Destroyer comes into our Inner Solar System approximately every 3600 years. Ice Core Samples bear this out. Volcanic Ash was found at the Poles every 3600 years! Ever hear of the Wooly Mammoth’s that were apparently FLASH FROZEN? When discovered, they were found to be Completely Intact and still had vegetation in their mouth’s! 🧐”Scientists have learned the Second Largest Volcanic Eruption in Human History 😟 The Greek Santorini Bronze Age Eruption In 1600 B.C. — was MUCH Larger than thought. 😮 Ice Core Samples over 30,000 years show “GREAT GEOLOGIC STRESS” 🆘 EVERY 3,600 YEARS!” = NIBIRU ??? 🌠… 😬😱 1600 B.C + 2021 A.D. = 3621 Years… Things That Make You Go HMMM….. The BEST Prep is a Spiritual One For This Passing of The Nemesis/Nibiru System – Most Likely Passed 5200 B.C.E During Noah’s Flood as “The Fountains of the Deep were Broken Up” Genesis 7:11 – The Ark of Safety This Time Is JESUS – He Is Who He Said He Is – He LOVES Us One & All – Invite Him Into Your Hearts ASAP 🙂 May GOD Have Mercy Upon Us All – Much LOVE In Christ Jesus 👍

It Is SO Very Sad, but it is what it is and God is Still in Control. It’s in the Bible. Satan will have his day. The Rapture will be Very Soon (imho). My Channel inexplicably went back up last week after a 2 year 4 month Stint in YouTube/Google Jail. Yeah – I was Very surprised! Made a Video a few days ago that pretty much sums up how I think this is all Going to Wind Up.

That was in January 2018 when my YouTube Channel came back up and here is my last video in 2019 which sums up the 200+ Space Weather Videos I put on from January 2018 to February 2019

If you are Truly Born Again and in fact a New Creature in Christ Jesus >>> Take Heart – Rapture Time is Near – Alleluia!!!

In the Parable of the 10 Virgins and The Bridegroom in Matthew 25:1-13; Jesus Warns us to Keep Focus on His Return or be Left Behind. The 10 were all Virgins / Believers, but only (5) Kept their Focus and were ready for The Bridegroom Jesus’ Return. That’s where I feel that we are at, Right Now! So Let Us All Endure Until The End! THIS IS CRUNCH TIME!

Believers are tired. They are thinking; “why hasn’t the Rapture occurred by now?” Me included. I’m MOST DISAPPOINTED With our Mainstream Christian Ministries and Prophecy Booksellers. I’ve Contacted most and NONE even Replied, let alone have acknowledged The Nemesis/Nibiru System and how it relates to End Time Prophecies – BAH!!! They will Pay Dearly for this, I’m sure. Many More people would have been Lead to a Closer Relationship with Christ Jesus, had this not been kept Hidden by our Christian leadership.

There has also been so much False Prophecy on YouTube of False Rapture Dates and/or possibilities and False Dreams and Visions, that it has been a Very Trying, last few years… All of the Disasters and loss of life witnessed has been heartbreaking for sure! And mostly for me, the SO MANY People who just Still Don’t Get It! Eternity Is FOREVER & Jesus is Coming Back Soon! The End Time Signs Prophecied in the Bible are All Taking Place! Yet most people are still Stuck in that Very Myopic Temporal State of Perception. They cannot or will not, contemplate Eternity…

Credible speculation began in earnest in 2014-2015 (imho), when the Blood Moon Tetrad presented itself. All falling on Jewish Feast Days. The significance of this Sign having been borne out by history, thus a Credible Sign. It just wasn’t a Sign that you could hang a Rapture Date upon. Many Dates popped up as Signs and were speculated upon, mostly related to the Fall Jewish Feasts. Lastly there was the Solar Eclipse on 08/21/17 coupled with the (alleged) Revelation 12 Sign on 09/23/17, which I had already determined, occurs every Fall. I was pretty much done with Rapture Scenarios by then anyway, but many more Believers were sucked in by this False Rapture Scenario. Jesus was really born into this world in the Fall.

…So, I can appreciate why some Believers may be getting discouraged. Don’t Be! Trust in The Lord and READ The Word Daily! Always Looking Up for His Return.

Jesus says in Luke 21:28; “When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your Redemption is drawing near.”

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