Hosea 4:6; My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee…

Hi Guys – I had Hoped that more of us could have Shared with each other what we have been Given, as far as Understanding goes from The Lord & come together as the Body of Christ. Much more could have been Discerned, but sadly that hasn’t been the case. There are Far too many divisions in the Body. The Approaching Nibiru System is KEY to the End of Days Timeline. Most are ignoring &/or even denying these Signs in the Heavens, ie. The Nibiru Mini Solar System. 
There is no denying that The Destroyer is close & if it doesn’t Kick Off the 6th Seal, then I don’t know what else could! The so called Prophecy teachers & book writers all are Ignoring these Signs in the Heavens, which Jesus cautioned us to be on Watch for in Luke 21:26, and also in Matthew 24 & Mark 13. (I’ve contacted several – sadly to no avail) You Cannot possibly Interpret Prophecy correctly and Ignore what is Soon Coming!
Had our so called Prophecy teachers given heed to this, perhaps more could have been Figured out, relative to how these End of Days are unfolding. Or as the Bible alludes to in 2 Peter 2 & in Jude; False Teachers, sent to tickle people’s itchy ears? The Apostate End Times Church? IRS 501-C3 corrupted ministries?
Ever look with your cell phone? Take a shot of the Sun – WOOP – There It Is!!! That’s why they’re all Ignoring it. It would BLOW UP their False Teachings! That’s between them & God. Enough said… 
We live in perilous times guys. Perilous for our very souls, which is the Ultimate Target. God wants to Redeem as many as who will Believe & Satan is trying to deceive the rest.
It’s NOW here & showing on web skycams worldwide. It will be the Trigger for the 6th Seal. The Time is Very Short. I have Great Evidence that it will be this Fall in 2016. I don’t pretend to know the Day or the Hour, but we are to recognize the Season & we are in it! It’s a Pre-Wrath Rapture & the Wrath begins at the 6th Seal (Revelation 6:17).
No one is listening (imho). I kind of know a little of how Noah may have felt. It appears to me that No One is Preparing themselves spiritually. Oiling their Lamps (Matthew 25:1-13)and entering the Only Ark of Safety, who is Christ Jesus, in these End of Days.
And unlike in Noah’s Day, we can Even Visibly SEE what is in our Skies, right NOW! Normalcy Bias? Strong Delusion? What else could it be? Here are some Insights which I believe that The Lord has allowed me to see. Perhaps some of what I have to share will be of help to you guys. Let me know. I have a Lot of Good Stuff.
May God Bless You & Yours – Bob Dunn